The best open source wiki? - Twiki install prob.

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Wed Jun 1 09:05:12 CST 2005

Thanks!   I'll definintly have a look at that.

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> Can anybody recommend 'the best' open source wiki according to their
> experience?    I'm just installing Twiki and getting a little stuck
> because I'm not a perl guru.      It seems to be quite mature 
> judging by  their web site.

We settled on Mediawiki some time ago, after trying several different
ones.  Didn't try Twiki though.

Install notes (edited, from said wiki, strangely enough...

mediawiki (1.4.4)
install imagemagick (optional, for thumbnail images) untar src, mv to
/var/www/html/wiki chmod a+w /var/www/html/wiki/config browse (web) to
 Site name:	MyWiki
 Email:	fred at
 Sysop a/c:	admin
 Sysop pwd:	password
 MySQL Svr:	localhost
 DB name:	wikidb
 DB user:	mywikiuser
 DB pwd:	wikipassword
 DB tbl pfx:	mw_   
mv /var/www/html/wiki/config/LocalSettings.php /var/www/html/wiki


There's also some minor changes to make to your Apache config if you
want to setup URL redirects, we didn't bother but it can make links a
little more readable, depending on who will be using it.

YMMV but we're very happy with it, the only thing I'd like to fix is the
printed output of wiki pages with linked images.  The images come out
ok, but there doesn't seem to be any built in smarts to work out that
images don't normally get split across 2 pages.

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