Free map of Adelaide

Glen Turner glen.turner at
Fri Jan 28 13:49:52 CST 2005

John Edwards wrote:

> At $USD7.00 per square kilometre, it's going to be one of the more 
> interesting intepretations of 'free'.

Greater Adelaide is probably

   50 x 30Km = 1500 x $7 = US$10,000

And this is probably well over the mark (since a lot
of that square isn't of interest and so a lower resolution
is fine).

That's not a huge amount of money to raise. And it doesn't
need to be raised in a lump sum (who wants to go looking at
all the street signs and other cultural info in the *whole*
of Greater Adelaide).

We could start by doing useful bits, and see if that attracts
more interest.  As an example, I hadn't even considered the
flight simulation people -- I was more thinking the outrageous
prices the GPS suppliers charge for woeful maps.

Anyway, it seems an interesting and worthwhile project, and well
within the scope of an individual who isn't in a rush.

Further comments appreciated,

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