Moving over to FC3 as a primary OS questions

David Newall davidn at
Fri Jan 28 03:39:57 CST 2005

Matt Burgess wrote:
> Recently I discovered Cedega, which would allow me to run my games
> under Linux. This means I am now prepared to make the switch to using
> FC3 as my primary OS.

If your games require high speed graphics and sound you'll probably be 
very disappointed.

> I have read about VMWare and would like to use it to launch Windows
> while using Linux, with the stipulation that I would like to access
> the same copy/installation that I am able to dual boot from.

That's almost certainly not going to work.  VMware emulates a model PC 
which is sure to be very different to your actual hardware.  When you 
boot the same copy of Windows from VMware that you native boot you'll 
get a whole bunch of 'Windows has detected hardware changes' that you 
won't want.  Those changes will be detected every time you swap between 
VMware and native boot.

There are plenty of good reasons to switch to Linux.  Being able to run 
your existing Windows is not one of them.

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