Craig Chandler craig.chandler at internode.on.net
Thu Jan 27 00:21:57 CST 2005

Lucas Tulloch said :
> Taylor, Corey (SAPOL) wrote:
>> Hey guys.
>> I'm sure some of you will remember the old Sid Meier game 'Pirates!'. 
>> I had
>> a copy on the old C64 and it was fricken' awesome. I notice a new 
>> version of
>> it has appeared for PC. Has anyone given it a go and if so, does it 
>> any way
>> compare with the original?

yep, bought the dvd special edition straight away

the land based battle could have been much better but i still love the 
game (and if you get the dvd version you get a copy of Pirates! Gold so 
you can compare the two)

ahhh the hours i've wasted on the Pirates! games

>> Thanks guys/gals/hermaphrodites/trans-gender people/aliens/others.
> I remember the game well, one of my favourites, used to play it as a kid 
> on the Amiga 500... Would love to find a copy again.

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