[BUGA] XML: Missed the boat?

Bevan Coleman blcoleman at iinet.net.au
Tue Jan 18 01:01:05 CST 2005

Quoting Jason Tan <jtan at groundhog.com.au>:

> >
> I see that there are a lot off applciations that are dirven on the 
> server side which add a reasonable amount of complexity to the apps when 
> they probably don't need to be - except that browser writers have not 
> implemented the aprts of HTTP that would allow for writing and 
> sysadmins/webmasters have typcially disabled that funtionality - to such 
> an extent that virtually no one uses those features - but every one 
> installs blogs, phpBB style bulletin boards etc etc which are probalby 
> more complex than they need to be.

k, gota now. To a certain point that is true, browsers that only impliment a 
subset of the full functionility have resulted in a move from client to server 

Javascript is a good case (or ECMAScript as it more correctly known). Between 
incompleate/buggy implimentations, browsers promoting customised extentions 
and/or yet to be released versions of ECMAScript it is a wonder that you can 
even get "hello world" working :(

And thats assuming it even supported on the browser...

Hence when I use it I always try to insure that the app dosn't really require 
it for the base functionality.

But on the other hand... CPU grunt is cheap these days.... a little bit of 
reinventing the wheel is not the end of the world.

> But my inital point was that the web is not designed as a read only shop 
> front.
> J

Or for the massive amount of Nigian scam emails I'm receiving right now. After 
working in finiance processing bussiness there is NO way I'm giving them my 
details.....after all I know what I could do with banking details if I was a 

Bevan Coleman

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