Asterick VOIP update (Was Asterik 1.0 for Linux)

David Wolverton david.wolverton at
Sun Jan 16 06:53:34 CST 2005

Enough of you have expressed interest in this thread that I hope the rest of 
you won't mind my posting this update.

So far, everything is very much still at the research stage and nothing has 
actually been purchased.  Said research has revealed that the easiest 
soloution (for me) would be to use my existing Aria system (something I was 
led to believe was impossible - because an Aria specific soloution isn't 

Providing my infrastructure is able to work with VOIP - the cheapest 
soloution - by far - will be to simply add an Asterick VOIP onto my existing 
infrastructure.  Towards that end, I have supplied all my system details to 
one of our members who works with a Company that makes ports for Asterick 
servers - who's prommised to get back to me after determining whether my 
system will accept this soloution...  Failing this, it looks like I'll have 
to sell my existing system to finance replacing every component from the 
phones up.

If my existing infrastructure turns out to be inadequate, I've determined 
that the two phones I like the most (within my budget) are the Cisco 7940 
series VOIP phone and/or 
the Cisco 7960 series VOIP phone

These two are (to the best of my understanding ) identical in performance 
(they even look the same) with the singularly insurmountable (to my use) 
problem being that the 7940 only allows a maximum of 2x lines whereas the 
7960 allows 6... accordingly I'll most probably be going with the 7960. 
Particularly as the 40 is no longer a current model (affecting resell value 
for the future - not to mention software upgradability) whereas the 60 has 
4x extra lines as well as being more able to be software ugpradable.

Not only that, but the final deciding point for me will be the fact that 
second hand prices (I don't have $800 to spare per phone for the 7960) are 
only around $100 difference between the two so obviously it makes more sense 
to simply bite the bullet and get the 7960's. (I just need to figgure out a 
solid way of convincing my wife to part with this kind of cash if that's the 
way we have to go.)  *LOL*

If it turns out that our existing phone system is incompatable - the first 
step will be to buy and install a single phone and then configured into one 
of our spare ethernet ports with its own static IP.  Should our existing 
system prove compatable after all, then obviously it'll just be a matter of 
investing in the ports to connect the two systems together and having a 
tonne of fun getting the Asterick set up/correctly configured.

Either way (compatable infrastructure - incompatable infrastructure) I'll 
post another  update when more is known.


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