Mac mini

David Lloyd david at
Fri Jan 14 02:21:13 CST 2005


>I hated it then 1 button mouse (but i didnt have a mouse)
The one button mice can be painful; I use a three button mouse but can 
navigate with a one button mouse. The primary reason I don't use a one 
button mouse is because I hate the current design [one pushes the whole 
mouse to click. Urrgh.].

>Anyway - the x86 pc IMO is good it can only benefit from a REAL port of OSX
>but the OSX spit and polish is to get you to buy the hardware (their
Aqua is a good user interface. It works; people like it, people buy it.

> This is sad as I would love OSX on an x86. I can get to it almost
>with BSD and some other stuff. But how cool would OSX be on x86.
Darwin does work on x86; it's the other subsystems that do not.

>Furthermore, for me give me .NET on a MAC (dont give me mono BS it's a long
>way from being where I want it.) Then I can have a nice OS move away from
>BGates. Only then will I be in a position to move to an alternative desktop
If you use .NET you're tied to Bill Gates/Microsoft seeing they seem to 
own that 'standard' (as far as I can tell).


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