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Bevan Coleman blcoleman at
Fri Jan 14 01:30:26 CST 2005

> > It's the only OS I use at home now, I can not see why I would pay 
> > money to
> > Apple/Microsoft when Linux does all I want.
> True as that might be, I reckon you'd find things you could do with a 
> Mac that you'd not even consider doing on your Linux machine. Or your 
> Windows machine, for that matter. If you had the opportunity presented 
> to you, I'd strongly recommend living with a Mac for, say, a month, and 
> reevaluating your position afterwards. You might be surprised.

Any examples? Because for the life of me I havn't seem a single thing that the 
Mac does that is noticable better then what I do on my work Windows PC. Sure 
some of the stuff is probably better then linux, some of the linux desktop type 
app are a little limited but as i said... linux does all I want anyhow.

I do know a number of people with PowerMacs and others, the think that really 
strikes me is that they all seem to have installed Fink and a number ported 
Linux apps. Which seems to defeat the point to me of getting a Mac in the first 

Oddly my first computer was an Apple, I first stared programming (basic inbuilt 
on ROM) on it when I was fairly little (6/7ish) but that was a long time ago 

Bevan Coleman

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