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On Tue, 11 Jan 2005 08:44 pm, David Wolverton wrote:
> PROBLEM: My wife likes our telephone.  Specificaly she likes to use it to
> ring everyone and their dog...
> I, on the other hand, *don't* like our telephone.  Well... Perhaps it'd be
> more honest to say that I don't like to pay for her making over 200 local
> telephone calls, a month; plus the legion of mobile calls she makes and
> Etc. Etc.
> POSSIBLE SOLOUTION: There really only seem two souloutions to this
> problem...  Either (A) Make less calls (Yeah, right!!!) Or (B) Reduce the
> cost of the calls being made.  And since it'd probably be easier to raise
> the dead then to get *my* wife to stop making so many phone calls on a
> daily basis; I've been researching VOIP. (Yes, I just got the latest bill
> in today's post)  *Frowns*
> More specifically, I've been researching Asterik with the view of replacing
> all our POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) with a VOIP (Voice Over Internet
> Protocol)  Deployment.  Particularly after my research showed that SIP
> Phone is currently offering calls to all Australian landlines for free... 
> ( )
> Wow... Hard to argue with *FREE* untimed/unlimited calls to *any* landline
> anywhere in Australia...  (And no, I don't work for SIP Phone now)  *LOL*
> Why am I posting?  I seem to recall someone saying they use/had used
> Asterik in previous posts (which I couldn't find in the archives) so I was
> wondering if they can either let me know on or off-list to tell me what
> Asterik is like to actually use.  Particulalry as I've used softphone's and
> even wtih my 1500/256 broadband think they suck big time...  (I had such
> bad experiences I let $15 worth of credit go with FaktorTel) So - what are
> the hardware based applications like?  *I* have no idea.  Are they as good
> as POTS?  As good as Mobiles?  (What *is* the quality like as I've never
> used a hardware based VOIP)
> Can anyone with experience in Asterik either address this on or off list to
> confirm this is something worth investing in before my wonderful wife
> forces me back into the Communications Industry - just to get a discount on
> our blasted phone bill!!???  ;-)
> Regards,
> David Wolverton
> david.wolverton at
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> spectrum of this or that element.  I want to know
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