Ubuntu test

Brian Astill bastill at adam.com.au
Mon Jan 10 13:34:41 CST 2005

This is from Evolution in Gnome per Ubuntu, so who knows in what
condition this message might be received?  :-)

OK - so Ubuntu really does look quite good.
It auto detects very well. It found not only my NIC but also the network
and ADSL modem attached, chose a sensible address for the card and set
up Internet access without any help from me.  Late in the install it
asked if I would like the latest security upgrades.  I said "yes" and it
went off to retrieve 70 files and installed them.  
X set up by auto-probe is just as I would have chosen. 
BRITISH English spell-checking!
Open Office, gedit and emacs - what more could one need?
Python and Perl installed.  So is Firefox, Gimp, and the more common
Gnome offerings.

Not so good: 
I prefer 6 desktops, not 4, and like each desktop to have a different
background.  Looks like I can't achieve this with Ubuntu.
If I hadn't been watching the install process, I wouldn't have known
emacs was there.  
I only found pico and mutt by scanning /usr/bin.  Worse, they cannot be
accessed simply by using the "run application" tool - you have to KNOW
they need a terminal and ask for one.  Ubuntu won't do this for you.
No Midnight Commander and Nautilus is NOT the Konqueror file manager!

Where are the how-tos?
I've set up my printer - it shows as ready and if I ask for "Print" the
display shows 1 job, quickly going to 0 job, indicating the printer has
taken over - but it hasn't :-(
Open Office Printer Administration assumes nobody buys anything other
than PS printers, I think!  I can't print from there, either.  :-(

So .. an easily installed Linux system that does most of the setting-up
for you and provides most of the standard things people might want, but
beware of the printing system.


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