Brian Astill bastill at
Thu Jan 6 11:54:40 CST 2005

On Thu, 6 Jan 2005 05:14 am, Daryl Tester wrote:
> Forgot to address this in previous post ...
> Brian Astill wrote:
> > and some time ago, they all pointed in the same direction - that
> > FAT32 behaves as I described and that there is nothing that can be
> > done about it.   :-(
> Sorry, but that's rubbish. 
No its not - its what I found.  It is also in accord with what is 
happening on my system.

> Your prior post clearly showed that your 
> mount options in /etc/fstab weren't being honoured - if that was
> accurate, then *that* is where a large part of your problem lies.

Can't argue with that.  Your statement is also in accord with what I 
found by googling.

> > Shannon Lloyd suggested using:
> > /dev/hdb1  /mnt/win/d  vfat defaults, rw,gid=501,umask=007  1  0
> > but this didn't work for me.
> Now you've jumped from hdb5 to hdb1 ...

Please credit me with _some_ sense.  I have given you what Shannon gave 
me.  _Obviously_  I would use MY mountpoints on MY system. 
It still didn't work.


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