Help needed with BIOS and Ubuntu install

david creed dave.and.jen at
Wed Jan 5 05:50:28 CST 2005

Thanks for the quick reply David but my ex-wife dropped off the PC for
me on behalf of my daughter, the PC is a hand-me-down from her to our
daughter. I'm sure that even if by some miracle a manual still existed
that I wouldn't get it :)
However, as the thing didn't boot I delved into the bios and did find a
setting to return all the "factory defaults", unfortunately it didn't do
the trick, it still refuses to boot :(
I will try to find a motherboard manual on the net though, thanks for
the good advice.

David Creed

On Wed, 2005-01-05 at 15:48 +1030, David Lloyd wrote:
> Sounds like you need to find out what type of mother board it is and 
> reset the BIOS to factory settings.
> I'd recommend either:
>    1. Finding the original motherboard instruction manual (you did keep
>       it, didn't you)
>    2. Looking for one on the Internet
> Either way, it will make your helpers life easier even if you don't want 
> to risk doing this yourself.

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