Alsa, dmix and Mozilla

Paul Shirren shirro at
Wed Jun 30 16:32:58 CST 2004

I don't seem to be solving this with google.

I run alsa sound on a 2.6 kernel. I want applications to seemlessly
share the sound card so very non-technical users do not get confused
when they leave a game minimised with sound down, or when playing an mp3
and all other sound apps break. The latency of the popular sound servers
(esd, arts) means they are not an option. Unfortunately nothing but
specialist audio apps seems to understand jackd - and neither do I.

The SDL apps are all sharing/mixing nicely using libsdl1.2debian-alsa.
Tuxracer, tuxpaint, frozen-bubble, all work fine with dmix set up in by

I think esd is working ok over alsa/dmix, though I haven't really tested
it thoroughly. I don't use any Gnome apps with sound that I am aware of.

I seem to be getting media players working ok. Well, mplayer anyway.

The one left is Mozilla (Firefox actually). Or more specifically the
Flash plugin. I am stuck. I have tried wrappers like esddsp, and I tried
aoss. Does anyone have this working, perhaps even out of the box on
another distro?

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