AUSFTA: Lawrence Lessig coming to Oz

Michael Davies michael at
Tue Jun 29 06:41:09 CST 2004

Paul Shirren said:
> Michael Davies wrote:
>> Linux Australia gains some press for it's role in the Intellectual
>> Property debate, and our own Dan Shearer gets a microphone.
>> "Big FTA stoush brewing on copyright" -
> I would like to hear this presentation.
> Is there any chance we could get the APH broadcasting people to release
> the video and audio to us so we can convert it to mp3, ogg, speex, mpeg,
> theora etc and make it available within our community. Even nicer if
> they could host this content and make some of the earlier presentations
> such as Rusty's available as well.
> I don't see how they could refuse a polite request.
> Could LA ask them nicely?

Good idea Paul - I'll see what can be done!

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