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Mon Jun 28 01:42:47 CST 2004

On Mon, Jun 28, 2004 at 10:26:34AM +0930, Piers Rowan wrote:

> I have a need to back up about 30 XP clients and a couple of other
> servers. I have a few DDS 3 tape drives handy and a spare server and I
> was thinking of putting some big IDE disks in and using MS Backup to
> save a copy of the system on the server and write it to tape (from the
> to be built Linux / Samba Server). I only intend to do this periodically
> to avoid having to completely re-build a client if there are problems.
> Another option may be to save disk image files instead of the *.bks
> files.
> Does anyone have any feedback of images vs. *.bks files, suggestions of
> alternate methods or suggestions of good local disk vendors / brands?

Ghost is generally pretty good, because it means you get a full copy
of the system, allowing you to readily restore the machine if and when
it dies.

Microsoft Backup is next to useless when it comes to restoring an
entire system.

Ghost will let you have a machine back in working condition in under
30 minutes. With hard drives as cheap as they are, it's the way to go
as far as I'm concerned.

   - andrew

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