Rebuild Ext2

Richard How richardhow at
Sun Jun 27 15:49:24 CST 2004

> Evening all,
> Is there any way to 'rebuild' an ext2 filesystem?
> I think my installer (recently upgraded to fc2) cleared the drive 
> geometry from my 2nd drive.
> I don't believe it's been formatted, but I am be wrong.
> I've tried a couple of things, one was using fdisk to create the 
> partition (as it didn't exist when fdisk -l)
> Any ideas would be rad..
> Cheers  , Mark.

Yes, this tool is very good.

The disk partition(s) may be unreliable but the full filesystem can be
recovered and copied safely to a new partitiion. Please let me know if it
works for you so I can notify the author. He likes good news :)

If all works well run fdisk -l and write down those numbers, they can be
so very useful for recovery.


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