Iptables query

Spyro Polymiadis spolymiadis at ratbaggames.com
Wed Jun 23 10:43:02 CST 2004

if they were the real IP's then yes it would be obvious but im not going to
publish *our* real ip's :P

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> On Wed, 2004-06-23 at 19:12, Spyro Polymiadis wrote:
> > Evening people,
> >
> > I am blocking a series of IP's for messenger (as blocking the 18xx port
> > doesnt work as msn uses port 80 otherwise) so ive blocked access to the
> > whole destination IPs of the login servers (some 20-30) now the question
> > have, is, how can i set up a rule so that only someone from a given
local ip
> Can I suggest that there's better ways to do this (seperate network
> segments, etc), and if this is for your employer in your email address,
> what you've done is going to be blazingly obvious for people to get
> through now? :-)
> R

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