Repair grub on SuSE 9.1

Taylor, Corey (SAPOL) corey.taylor at
Tue Jun 22 04:48:09 CST 2004

Have some personal experience with this;

Don't use the repair function at boot time. Go into the install as you did
when you first installed and use the repair function there when it asks you
whether it's a new install, update or repair you want to do. It should then
ask you whether you want to do an automatic fix to which, if you say yes,
it'll verify installed packages, config AND boot loader settings. Doing that
should overwrite the boot sector of the HDD with the correct one.

Hard to explain without it right in front of me but I'm sure you'll be fine.

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> Subject: Repair grub on SuSE 9.1
> After re-installing XP on a dual boot machine, grub was hosed by XP.
> I was expecting grub to need repairing, but the repair function on the
> SuSE
> 9.1 Personal CD is just a root command prompt.
> What's the command to repair grub?
> Or how do I repair grub?
> Steve
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