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Laredo Tirnanic laredo at
Thu Jun 17 11:22:22 CST 2004


I'm basically looking at  moving about 20 client pc's over  to Linux.
I've been really impressed with KDE 3.2.3.  We've  unfortunately  got
some custom  apps that only run on the Windows platform.  I'm going to
let  these users use rdp to connect on to a terminal  server. Are there
any   hidden licensing issues?I assume it's only  a matter of  buying a
terminal services user license per user. This should be a lot cheaper 
than  buying XP for these machines. If anyone's had experience at this
I'd appreciate their input?

As regards printing, from all the reading I've done CUPS seems to be the
way to go. It's really easy to setup with KDE's printing Manager 
utility. The  only problem  I've got with this is that KDE's apps see
these printers, but most other Apps don't.  i.e Open Office, Gimp, etc. 
Is there a way around this?Does X implement  a universal prinitng 
interface (to CUPS/LPD,etc) or does X leave it up to the Apps.
Fundamently I want to add a printer and let  it be seen by  all my Apps.
Is this possible?

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