How funny is this site??

Ryan Verner xfesty at
Mon Jun 14 11:45:47 CST 2004

On Mon, 2004-06-14 at 19:41, Laredo Tirnanic wrote:
> Responsiveness: On average, Microsoft had a fix available 25 days
> after a security issue was publicly disclosed. 

In the Open Source world, for large projects, fixes available as patches
are usually available within *hours*.

I've always imagined Microsoft had genius marketing tactics to get to
where they are; evidently they've been almost entirely based on a
monopoly capitalist "lock in" mentality, and it's not flying this time
because they can't buy out the competitor.  Simultanously SCO and
Microsoft are acting like small children seeking attention, having a
tantrum because everybody's looking at the new kid.

Instead of spending millions pointing out the [made up] bad things in
Linux, why the hell don't Microsoft actually spend that
effort/money/time improving their own products?  It makes me sick in
some senses that people think Windows=Computers, and rampant
crashing/viruses/etc are just part of the eXPerience.


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