note about reiserfs

Mark Williams (MWP) mwp at
Sat Jun 12 13:06:26 CST 2004

> On Sat, Jun 12, 2004 at 07:21:35PM +0930, Ryan Verner wrote:
> > On Sat, 2004-06-12 at 19:14, Damien Uern wrote:
> > > Anyone considering installing Linux, or already has linux installed is advised 
> > > to not use reiserfs. This is the second time I've lost data with it, it's NOT 
> > > reliable.
> > 
> > Indeed; I've always kept away from it.  The mentality seems to be "What?
> > Impossible, Reiser is flawless!", so recovery options are terrible when
> > data loss actually does occur.
> Reiserfs is a nice playground for learning about what filesystems might
> be able to do one day, the team are trying to do things that few others
> are. Right now for deployment I'm seeing Reiser more suited to people
> who tune it for specific applications (eg embedded devices, for
> example.)

While its a nice FS, it has rather poor tools.
Ive lost lots of data due to its fsck doing more damage than good.

> > Try XFS; I'm using it on a few boxes and really, really like it.
> I find XFS to be extremely reliable and fast, and the tools are good
> too.

Also, agreed.
Im using XFS on all my paritions now including root.

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