[ARTICLE] M$ to block SP2 for Win XP pirate users

Adam Towill atowill at airnet.com.au
Wed Jun 9 17:02:50 CST 2004

Are the car manufacturers our ISPs?

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> On Thu, 2004-06-10 at 00:22, Ian Loxton wrote:
> > That seems to be the way that others are thinking. I know of a family 
> > who have just had their 3rd experience of a car going through their 
> > house. The car got out of control when it failed to take a corner 
> > during a police chase.
> Let me see if I understand your analogy.  The house is equivalent to the
> computer; the car is the spam; and the people who stole the car are the
> spammers.  Is that right?
> > Hmmmm, to me this sounds very similar to MS slamming users for not 
> > protecting their systems and failing to keep up to date with patches.
> > Yes, the user has some responsibility but the majority of the 
> > responsibility lies with MS and their buggy software.
> And therefore the responsibility lies with the car manufacturers for
> their defective security features?
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