[ARTICLE] M$ to block SP2 for Win XP pirate users

Michal Mienik mmienik at adsl.on.net
Wed Jun 9 06:22:05 CST 2004

From: "Mike" <xlr8 at bigblue.net.au>
> On Wed, 9 Jun 2004 02:15 pm, Michal Mienik wrote:
> >
> > There are much cheaper ways to buy Windows XP.  $150 retail for Home,
> > retail for Pro.  Since we're talking about the Great Unwashed Masses not
> > using Linux, almost all would have a PC bought from a store.  They
> > have received an OEM copy of Windows with their machine.
> >
> > Naturally I don't have the statistics, but those building their own PCs
> > from parts would have to be a small minority or all PC users.  Being
> > clueful than the average user they should also be able to figure out a
> > keygen or crack if they chose not to buy Windows when assembling their
> > machine.
> Where can you get retail copies at that sort of price i pay that amont for
> copies the current RRP for XP Home is $387.00 for full or $197.00 upgrade
> for XP Pro $570 for full and $387.00 upgrade these prices came from the IT
> Warehouse website.

Sorry, "retail" was meant to differentiate it from those people who can get
wholesale prices.  When quoting prices I say retail because it's the price
anyone can walk in and buy the item for.

Yes, the $154 and $230 for Home and Pro respectively is for the OEM version.
When installing Windows I always start with a clean install anyway, so for
me (and I suspect most people) there would be no difference between buying
the Retail package and OEM.  It's easy to buy OEM too, as it just requires a
hard drive, or ram, or mobo, etc.

I pity the poor people who walk into Myer and buy a full version of XP Home
for $400.  I hope there are very very few who do so.

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