[ARTICLE] M$ to block SP2 for Win XP pirate users

Mike xlr8 at bigblue.net.au
Tue Jun 8 09:53:49 CST 2004

On Tue, 8 Jun 2004 06:11 pm, Laredo Tirnanic wrote:
> I must agree, it's going to take about a day for the sp2 to be
> cracked/circumvented. It's just giving us another opportunity to see
> what Microsoft is all about..... .

> They tried this with sp1 were you could not apply the SP if you had a
> key
> that
> started with FC or something so all the ppl did was change their key and
> presto.
I agree with that it wont take long before a crack appears ...... 
but to me M$ needs to do 2 things before i would consider going back to the 
dark side 1. reduce the need for SP's  ie. get it right, it is frustrating to 
see a hotfix release to fix a hotfix. 2. Reduce the cost if M$ want to stop 
piracy they must stop being the pirates make it affordable i would happily 
pay for a product that is worth the money but the same goes for the CD/DVD 
industry if you dont want people to copy it make it cheaper instead of 
spending millions of anti-piracy/copyright protection reduce the cost to the 
end consumer. I feel if M$ sold windows/office for a lower price they would 
see a reduction in piracy and an increase in sales.


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