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Daryl Tester Daryl.Tester at
Fri Jun 4 00:25:29 CST 2004

Paul Shirren wrote:

> Yeah. I think we were at cross purposes on what X can and can't do. All
> I really meant is that 'man X' isn't going to give all the answers (but
> was to tired and sick to write it).

Yes, it probably was too glib an answer on my part.  I think the initial
question peeved me (reminded me too much of being at a Microsoft TechEd
where they raved about the new feature of Windows that allowed you to
have multiple-head displays, and they were the first to implement it).

The problems you've pointed out, however, I think are Linux *and* XFree
(or probably just XFree) centric only; any X server that uses a frame
buffer that bypasses all that weird vt allocation stuff shouldn't suffer
the same problem (at least, that's how other Unix workstations did it,
which is my bad for forgetting that).  The whole "one keyboard/mouse/screen"
concept reminds me too much of the design limitations of Windows.

> He virtualises the virtual terminal handling ;-)

>From memory, Plan 9 allows window managers within window managers, for
debugging reasons and just because (and that's the sort of forward thinking
that I like about those crazy Bell Lab guys).  Definitely all WIMP I/O is
pushed through an abstract interface.

> Although X should, and mostly does support this stuff, there are a few
> little issues. No acceleration beyond the first video card for open
> source drivers for any card at the moment - need to use nvidia.

Implementation issues.  And do you need acceleration for anything else
but games and CAD (where you're likely to have a dedicated workstation

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