xmms, gnome, and global keyboard shortcuts

Damien Uern carrigan_2606 at optusnet.com.au
Sun Nov 9 21:53:51 CST 2003

FWIW, in KDE you can download a panel applet called xmms-kde, and you can 
assign global key combinations for controlling XMMS.

To allow KDE to launch apps or do whatever on keyboard shortcuts, go to KDE 
Control Centre, then click Accessibility->Keyboard Shortcuts (Dunno why the 
hell it's under accessibility). Under "Command Shortcuts" you can apply key 
combinations to launching any app inside your KMenu.



On Sun, 9 Nov 2003 8:58 pm, Ben Williams wrote:
> I just had a bit of a win with gnome and xmms, and in the style of James
> Leone (hi james ;-) ) I thought I'd post my experience here.
> The Itch:
> ---------
> On my windows machine, I have a program called FlexTouch[1]. It allows
> you to assign arbitrary shortcuts to (somewhat) arbitrary actions (such
> as programs - "Win+q = c:\windows\calc.exe" and winamp commands -
> "win+space = play or pause". Using this has become such an ingrained
> thing in me that I find myself reaching for win+space every time I want
> to pause music on every computer I ever sit at. So of course, I wanted
> to be able to do it on my redhat 8.0 (gnome 2.0) machine.
> The Scratch:
> ------------
> as often is the case in linux, a solution in several parts.
> 1. xmmsPipe[2,3].
>  From the webpage, "XMMSPipe is a plugin for XMMS that enables it to be
> controlled by sending strings to a named pipe (FIFO). When enabled, XMMS
> can be commanded by sending strings to $HOME/.xmms/inpipe, for example,
> `echo play_pause > ~/.xmms/inpipe`".
> Installation was pretty easy - I just had to download the tarball,
> untar, make && make install. restart xmms, and it's all there. I can
> manually do commands like that example and have xmms play or pause.
> fantastic, good start.
> 2. my friend vi[4].
> I created some tiny scripts called "xmms-playpause", "xmms-prev",
> "xmms-volup" and the like under /usr/local/bin. They all contain just 2
> lines (from the play-or-pause example):
> 	#!/bin/bash
> 	echo "play_pause" > ~/.xmms/inpipe
> A `chmod a+x /usr/local/bin/xmms-playpause` later, and I could (as a
> normal user) do `xmms-playpause` from the command line and have xmms
> play or pause. Cool, getting closer.
> 3. gconf-editor[5].
> On my redhat 8.0 system, it's under gnome menu -> extras -> system tools
> -> configuration editor, or `gconf-editor` from a prompt.
>   a. In the GUI, I navigated to /apps/metacity/keybinding_commands[6],
> under which are a number of keys labeled command_N. I edited some of
> these key values to run the scripts i created in step 2, simply by
> setting the value for (say) command_1 to (say)
> "/usr/local/bin/xmms-playpause".
>   b. Under /apps/metacity/global_keybindings[6] there are a number of
> keys called "run_command_N". As you might imagine, these run the
> command_N key values from /apps/metacity/keybinding_commands (that I
> modified in 3a). I set the shortcuts I wanted by setting the value for
> (say) run_command_1 to (say) "<mod4>Space"[7], which binds it to Win+Space.
> 4. I celebrated the geeky achievement by win+spacing to my heart's content.
> So yeah, I made it work, and learned how to bind arbitrary global
> shortcuts under gnome at the same time (actually, I believe it's a
> metacity thing, but I don't think there's many people who run metacity
> our of gnome). Yay for linux on the desktop, yay for gnome, yay for xmms :)
>   - Ben
> 1. <http://www.softadvance.com/flextouch/>. the winamp-plugin-only
> version is at
> <http://classic.winamp.com/plugins/detail.jhtml?componentId=3611>.
> 2. <http://rooster.stanford.edu/~ben/xmmspipe/>
> 3. I looked at a couple of other xmms remote control type apps - at the
> time I was looking though, sourceforge.net was not accessible, so that
> excluded most of them from my evaluation. xmmsPipe did what i wanted, at
> any rate. and pipes are cool.
> 4. mmmmm, creamy vi goodness. I'm sure emacs would have worked too.
> Also, if you're really stuck, pico or ed. Well, maybe not pico.
> 5. What was that? A windows registry editor, for gnome? Good idea.
> 6. I didn't magically know these values - a google search for "gnome
> arbitrary keyboard shortcuts" found me a couple of mailing list
> references that pointed me in the right direction. The rest was
> (educated) guessing.
> 7. I didn't magically know that "<mod4>" was the name for the windows
> key either. I found this out when i was binding win+M to "hide all
> windows and focus desktop" under gnome preferences -> keyboard shortcuts.

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