[Buga] OT: Good source of MP3 players?

Barney Wrightson barney.wrightson at dsto.defence.gov.au
Fri May 30 09:45:54 CST 2003

Ryan Verner wrote:

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> On Thursday, May 29, 2003, at 02:47 PM, Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:
>>I'm looking for a portable MP3 player.  I have very little idea about
>>what features I should be looking for, or where I should be looking
>>for them here in Adelaide.  Can anybody help?
> Good things to look out for;
> - - Storage: Hard Drive? Size? Removable Media (CD/MD/etc)?  How cheap 
> are these to buy/produce?
> - - Battery Life; what type of battery (cost?)
> - - Playback; some devices play back mp3's terribly, some have massive 
> gaps between tracks, some play back other formats (WMA, yet to see one 
> that does OGG), whether they do VBR well
> - - Design; how portable it is, how well it fits into a pocket/onto a 
> belt, how well it takes being dropped/scratched/etc
> - - OS support; many of the USB devices can be mounted as removable 
> media, meaning virtually anything can put files onto it, but some 
> require index files/certain directory structures, which means 
> proprietry applications
> - - Sound quality; some use better mp3 decoding chips/algorithms then 
> others.
> I'm quite partial to the Apple iPod's;  they play back mp3's 
> brilliantly, they look great, sound quality is awesome (better then the 
> Creative Zen; despite Creative's claims), I've had a friend that's 
> dropped his quite a few times, and it's survived; and there's 
> Windows/Linux/BSD apps out there to "sync" your mp3's to it.  Too bad 
> the price tag is ~$1000 - but its definitely worth it.
> R

Here is a review on an iPod like device that is supposed to have linux 
and OGG support in the near future - I have no personal experience with 
it though, just saw a link on linux.com today.

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