Novell challenges SCO's Unix claims

James Leone jleone at
Fri May 30 02:05:37 CST 2003

Greg 'groggy' Lehey wrote:

>On Thursday, 29 May 2003 at 16:46:26 +0930, David Newall wrote:
>>      ``To Novell's knowledge, the 1995 agreement governing
>>    SCO's purchase of UNIX from Novell does not convey to SCO
>>    the associated copyrights.  We believe it unlikely that
>>    SCO can demonstrate that it has any ownership interest
>>    whatsoever in those copyrights.''
>>           -- Jack L. Messman, Chairman, President and CEO,
>>              Novell, Letter to Mr. Darl McBride, President
>>              and CEO, The SCO Group
>>What bothers me about Novell's letter is that they are as vague in
>>refuting SCO's rights as SCO are in providing specific evidence of
>>misappropriated IP.  Novell sold UNIX to SCO; there's a contract
>>which both of those parties signed; so why can't Novell be certain
>>about what rights they sold to SCO, and agbout what interests SCO
>>can demonstrate?
>Agreed, this upset me too.  I'm wondering if it's not just an American
>way of expressing themselves (or possibly CYA).  Elsewhere in the
>letter they were much more forceful and definite.
What do you mean?  :-D  I am completely oblivious to this. Americans 
don't make statements it in such a way that the statement being made is 
very wordy and imprecise and says nothing.....



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