Novell challenges SCO's Unix claims

Ben Kramer ben at
Thu May 29 16:55:35 CST 2003

FUD + FUD => dduuff
coincidence ? I think not!!

mmmm... beer 

On Thu, 2003-05-29 at 16:46, davidn at wrote:
>       ``To Novell's knowledge, the 1995 agreement governing
>     SCO's purchase of UNIX from Novell does not convey to SCO
>     the associated copyrights.  We believe it unlikely that
>     SCO can demonstrate that it has any ownership interest
>     whatsoever in those copyrights.''
>            -- Jack L. Messman, Chairman, President and CEO,
>               Novell, Letter to Mr. Darl McBride, President
>               and CEO, The SCO Group
> What bothers me about Novell's letter is that they are as vague in
> refuting SCO's rights as SCO are in providing specific evidence of
> misappropriated IP.  Novell sold UNIX to SCO; there's a contract
> which both of those parties signed; so why can't Novell be certain
> about what rights they sold to SCO, and agbout what interests SCO
> can demonstrate?
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