gentoo vs freebsd

Karl Billeter karl at
Thu May 29 13:30:31 CST 2003

On Wed, May 28, 2003 at 08:31:39PM +0930, Richard Russell wrote:

> > Hi Richard,
> > 
> > As someone who works regularly with both FreeBSD and Debian systems,
> > I'm curious: would you mind highlighting the main problems you are
> > finding with Debian?  
> > 
> > Is it in large part the problem of the slow Debian stable branch
> > release cycle?
> Primarily, yes.

Have you looked at (if you don't mind going

> I also find that it's not entirely trivial to work out which known
> vulnerabilities I am still open to, and which have been fixed, because
> while I have apache 1.3.26, it's had numerous security patches
> backported to it, though I'm not entirely sure which ones. may or may not

> Finally, I am sick of the SysV init scripts, and while I don't go much
> on ye olde BSD style scripts, I think I like the new ones in FreeBSD 5.0
> -- they work out their own dependencies and all...

Sounds nice.  I was sold on Debian after I upgraded my system from aout
to elf with no problems.  Nice to have so many distros to choose from
though.  I've been meaning to look at FreeBSD for a few years now (just


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