Novell challenges SCO's Unix claims

Alan Kennington ak.linuxsa at
Thu May 29 11:28:47 CST 2003

On Thu, May 29, 2003 at 10:10:40AM +0930, Glen Turner wrote:
> Novell's media release follows.


That seems on the face of it be a fatal blow to SCO.
This issue is getting top ranking at the Google Sci-Tech News.

Here's a quote:

Somehow, everyone thinks SCO is in it for the money and out to thwart Linux. 

In Boies' eyes, it's hard to see how anyone could jump to that conclusion. 
The $1 billion in damages and future royalties SCO is seeking won't put a 
mere dent in the Linux movement: "That's a cost that gets lost in the 
rounding," says Boies, adding, "The cost efficiency of Linux won't rise or 

You have to admire the ability of US American lawyers to talk complete
rubbish without any sense of embarrassment.

There's also this at Forbes, a denial by SCO of the Novell claims that
SCO has no right to sue anyone for unix:

The Age:
A quote:

The Australian Unix Users Group (AUUG) has called on the SCO Group to cease 
"its destructive actions" and work towards constructively resolving the 
issue of any intellectual property it has with the Linux and Open 
Source communities. 

The Inquirer:

 Come on, godfearing SCO, reply to Novell's letter. Be men, not mice! 
We can't help but sense that this PR disaster is rapidly snowballing out 
of hand. And we're even beginning to regard SCO as an underdog, what with 
this battalion ranged against the troupes.

Hmmm. Maybe they need a semantic spell-checker.

Australian IT:,7204,6496078%5E15344%5E%5Enbv%5E15306-15321,00.html

Another 80 items on this subject here:

Interestingly, the top stories at Google today are predominantly about
MS software having embarrasing "issues" and about linux, e.g.
about why Munich chose linux instead of MS.
I don't know if that's because Google sees my HTTP requests containing
linux and mozilla and decides to give me linux-oriented news items.

As I said a couple of weeks ago, it's the Halloween publicity coup
all over again. It's looking like linux is going to come out on top
at this stage - with free publicity along the way.

Alan Kennington.

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