[lca2004-helpers] Re: Alleged "toy" MTA

Richard Russell richard at yellowgoanna.com
Wed May 28 14:37:58 CST 2003


> That's interesting.  Wouldn't that reinforce my contention that it is 
> the preparation of the digest which is the root cause of the 
> problem?  
> It would seem that some "irregularity" is set up which most mailers 
> cope with, but KMail cannot.

Digest. Ah.

That's completely different to a normal mail. It really depends how the
digest is created -- is it a series of MIME attachments itself, or is is
simply the concatenation of a whole series of messages. If it's the
second, then I'm surprised any mailer can cope with it. Does anyone else
use digests? If it's the first, then it's quite possible that it's got a
similar problem with the footer -- if it adds a footer to a MIME
message, then adds that as a MIME attachment, it may confuse something.
One would need to look at the actual format of the digest...


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