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Jason B. Standing jason at
Wed May 28 13:24:38 CST 2003

I'm sure a lot of you already get TheAge Online, but this was too god NOT to
post :) The way it's worded, it wouldn't look out of place in The Onion...


XP update pulled, causes more problems than it fixes
May 28 2003

Microsoft withdrew a security update for its Windows XP operating system
after around 600,000 users who installed it found that their internet
connections had been crippled, the Washington Post has reported.

The update was withdrawn on Tuesday. It promised to improve reliability for
secure connections to the internet.

The Post quoted company officials as saying that the update did not marry
well with some popular third-party products.

A posting from well-known Windows bug finder Richard M. Smith on the
Full-Disclosure mailing list said: "Hmm, this latest security update for
Windows XP looks like a case of the cure being worse than the disease."

Another person responded: "Nah, some rogue MS engineer just realised the
truth that the only way to secure their newest OS is to disconnect it from
the internet."

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