[lca2004-helpers] Re: Alleged "toy" MTA

Brian Astill bastill at adam.com.au
Wed May 28 12:58:46 CST 2003

On Wed, 28 May 2003 02:15 am, Richard Russell wrote:
> Problem found! ... Maybe...
> This is the last part of Greg's diff:
> >  Status: RO
> > -Content-Length: 311873
> > -Lines: 4376
> > +Content-Length: 312081
> > +Lines: 4381

This is intelligently intelligible :-)
ie the same message results in one mailer reporting a file 208 byes and 
5 lines longer than the other. 

> >  --G44BJl3Aq1QbV/QL
> This is the MIME boundary -- it appears at the start and between each
> part of the multipart message.

> >  --G44BJl3Aq1QbV/QL--
> This is the last MIME boundary (evidenced by the "--" on the end). It
> appears after all the parts.

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> > 	Trailer information.
> This stuff is not a MIME "part" or attachment. It's OK, according to
> the RFC (http://www.faqs.org/rfcs/rfc2046.html), but might be causing
> problems with KMail. It appears that LinuxSA doesn't attach footers
> to MIME-encoded emails. Check any email with attachments (including
> PGP signatures), and you'll note that there is no footer.

That's interesting.  Wouldn't that reinforce my contention that it is 
the preparation of the digest which is the root cause of the problem?  
It would seem that some "irregularity" is set up which most mailers 
cope with, but KMail cannot.

> OK, the footer is added after all the MIME stuff. Technically, it's
> not wrong, but *could* be a cause of a problem somewhere. It should
> just be ignored by any mail client, and it appears that mutt does
> this correctly. It also appears that MS Outlook 2002 does this
> correctly, as does Squirrel Mail. I have a feeling that perhaps KMail
> doesn't do this correctly... However, I have no KMail to test with...

Unfortunately I don't know how I could separate KMail from KDE, so 
cannot help :-(

Thanks for the ideas.


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