[Buga] Re: [lca2004-helpers] Re: Alleged "toy" MTA

Richard Russell richard at yellowgoanna.com
Tue May 27 21:16:03 CST 2003


I have followed this thread on LinuxSA since it came here, and I still
don't really know what it is about. It seems somewhat confused. From
what I can tell, some MIME email sent through a mailing list wouldn't
open in KMail, and from there, everything from the mail client, the
sender and the mailing list itself have been blamed. There also seems to
be a large amount of text from Greg about why he doesn't like KMail, and
as is Greg's habit, this is expressed as why KMail is wrong and
shouldn't exist (or, should be more like mutt) :) ... Exactly what this
has to do with the problem, I'm not too sure. To me, it indicates that
KMail is the wrong application for Greg to use to access his email (and,
given that it is somewhat based around common Windows mail clients, that
is unsurprising), but that's OK, because I think Greg realises that he's
not the target audience.

I have a solution -- why doesn't the original sender (Ian?) email
another similar (or identical) message, and address it to the same
mailing list, along with both Greg and Brian (the KMail user). Greg can
diff the two messages, and use his evident knowledge of SMTP and MIME to
show any changes that *could* affect a mail client, even if they
*shouldn't*. Brian can see if he has the same problem with the directly
sent copy as he does with the mailing list message. Greg can (assuming
he can force himself through it) attempt to open both messages in KMail
also. By doing this, you should be able to tell where the error is
coming from -- the sender, the mailing list, KMail, or Brian's KMail


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