Help! I've been blacklisted! [was Re: adelaide IT jobs]

Richard Russell richard at
Tue May 27 21:06:39 CST 2003


I understand your point, but I reject it. I find the practice of
blocking whole IP ranges to be rather dumb, and I will make efforts to
correct those attempting it. I think it is a dysfunctional way of
dealing with SPAM. That said, if someone persists in doing so, it just
means that they miss out on my messages, and enter my own mental
blacklist of admins who don't know what they are doing. Certainly, if
their setup accuses me of being a spammer and gives me no way of
contacting them to tell them I am not, they are to be "considered
harmful". No offence or slur is intended by this message, it's just how
I think.


> Note to RR:
> Not taking sides either way on the rights or wrongs of
> Kevin's actions, but this brings the point I was making into 
> absolute focus. Everytime Kevin or one of the other thousands 
> of mail admins makes a decision like this, or someone tries 
> to tune up their RBL rules, YOU will have to deal with it for 
> your domain. No-one else will do it for you. If on the other 
> hand, an ISP cops it, they are going to complain with a 
> bigger stick and find their way onto Kevin's whitelist (you 
> do have one, don't you Kevin?) with a lot less hassle because 
> they have the weight of users on their back, probably 
> hassling the hell out of them as well.
> The ISP's will find out about them sooner too, and probably
> have them fixed before you even need to mail into that system.
> Regards, and thanks for the heads-up Kevin.

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