redhat 8.0 rc.local

steve steve at
Tue May 27 20:14:10 CST 2003

Danny sorry bout the hacking. The rc.local is the last place to run on
boot, so my guess is check the command you typed into rc.local.

On a note that might cause a little heat, personally I would not use a
redhat/mandrake/suse/most big distros facing the world. There are too
many custom easy to configure firewalls that would quite easily pass
data to your redhat machine. And keeping a big distro safe means LOTSA
patches and a good firewall. Dont get me wrong its possible, its just a

Find and old machine and use IPCOP/SMOOTHWALL and allow traffic to get
to your box behind it. Unless of course your just having fun ;-)

Anyways just a ramble :-)

Steve D

On Tue, 2003-05-27 at 15:35, DDM COMPUTERS - Danny Moss wrote:
> Hi All,
> I am having trouble I got hacked again and the system trashed i have 
> installed all redhat again and it is running but I have a  slip link 
> that starts up in rc.local (or that's where I though I used to start it 
> from)
> but when I reboot the machine it seam not to read the rc.local file no 
> slip link is attached but if I type the command at the prompt it 
> configures the slip link..
> Is there a new file I have forgotten about that should have the slip 
> link start up stuff in it instead of the rc.local .
> any help would be much appreciated ..
> Thanks for your time
> cheers
> Danny Moss

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