Samba guest printing

James Leone jleone at
Mon May 26 15:01:09 CST 2003

Richard Sharpe wrote:

>On Sun, 25 May 2003, James Leone wrote:
>>Does anybody know why when Samba checks pam for the user nobody, a print 
>>job will get rejected?
Its working now. :-)     Guess what I did wrong.   :-[   I forgot to 
look at my smb.conf file!

It had some older printer share entries already on my smb.conf file.  I 
copied the smb.conf file over to the upgraded server, but I forgot that 
I already had printer entries on my smb.conf file. My older printer 
entries did not include "guest = ok", but the newer printer entries 
descriptions did.

(Yeah I had identical printer share entries contradicting each other in 
the same configuration file. ) :-D

Anyway, I was able to set up printer shares for the first time, and I 
was also able to set up a PDF creator print share, so I am happy. 
 Another thing that is really neat, is that my print jobs are faster 
when they go through the Samba server instead of directly to the printer!

Thank you,

James Leone

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