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Not Nonsense.

I am not a lecturer. I am support. I don't have the book with answers in
it. I personally learn through trial and error and advice from more
knowledgeable people, which I then try for myself.

The steps I take when faced with a problem are as follows:

1. Bash around and try things.
2. Try some more
3. Read the MAN page
4. Try some more
5. Go to Google and search on the error message, what I'm trying to do
6. Try some more
7. Ask someone I know has a better idea than me. (in this case the
8. Try some more
9. Post on a forum
10. Try some more
11. Find an alternative
12. return to step 1.

The most importants steps in this list are the ones labled "Try some

The majority of the students do not try for themselves, those students
that I know, who do try for themselves and research by themselves are
the ones who appear to know the most and seem to gain the best grades.

Hopefully my point makes a little more sense knowing I am not a



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> HAHA, well picked up David,
> And his student ID is : s056957X and studies for IT Studies.... Aaaah 
> the leetness.
> Jasper,
> Read the man pages read the HOWTO's and you shouldn't have a problem. 
> If all of that fails.. That's why you have lecturers to assist you 
> with your problems, make them earn their wages.
> :D


Nonsense: You have books to assist you with your problems, it is called
"Resource Based" learning in TAFE. Too bad if the books are all
borrowed, lost or unreadable/out of date. Note: This was the case five
years ago and not at AIT but one of the other campuses.

Reality: Resource based learning gives the lecturers a convenient out
for not putting in a 100% effort.

George Patterson

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