X video Problems

Mike O'Connor mike at e-consortium.com.au
Sat May 24 18:56:26 CST 2003

Dear All,

We are experiencing difficulties getting a S3 ProSavage DDR video
chipset to work with X. The S3 ProSavage is an integrated VGA chipset on
the MSI KM2M MS-6738 Ver 1.0 mainboard. The adapter works fine in
640x480 24bit resolution, however when increased to 800x600 or 1024x768
the monitor reports Out of Range, frequency of 26Hz.

So far we have tried:

 - Downloading and compiling XF86 from source with new driver from
maintainers site (http://www.probo.com/timr/savage40.html).
 - Changing the motherboard
 - Changing the monitor
 - Upgraind the bios to the latest v1.3 from MSI website
 - Attempted installing new versions of linux ie Redhat 9.0 or Konppix
both get Out of Range error on installation (Konppix works in 640x480).
The application we are using the computer for is to boot an LTSP
terminal. The motherbaord is installed into an AOPEN mini-ATX case where
installing an alternative Video Card is not an option. There appears to
be very little reference to the ProSavage DDR chipset on the Internet in
relation to Linux, however any documentation that does exist seems to
indicate that it is a fully supported chipset.

We have also tried to hardcode the X modelines to support 1024x768,
however the driver appears to ignore our modelines and do its own thing.

Changing the motherboard or video card is a very difficult option given
we have already purchased 25 units and have fully installed and disposed
of all packaging, as research was done prior to purchasing the equipment
that indicated all hardware was supported.

Any help greatly appreciated, happy to offer financial compensation for
somebody who is able to get it working, sorry no $$$ for trying !!!

Time is of the essence, as these 25 units are due to be shipped this
coming Tuesday !!!!!!

  Mike O'C

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