Freeman, Peter (ERHS) Freeman.Peter at
Fri May 23 15:57:35 CST 2003

>i already have 3 different smb.conf file, trying to figure out 
>which one
>will work.  but if you're saying that XP got issues login in to samba
>PDC, well im stuck. hehe... maybe i will shift down to win 
>2000 client. 

Windows XP works perfectly well with a Samba PDC (XP Pro that is, hopefully
you're not trying to use XP Home, that could be one source of your problems)
as does Windows 2000.

As mentioned before, XP needs a registry patch to enable it to login to a
Samba PDC, other than that small fix, it functions very much like Windows

Most of the annoying issues you'll come across with setting up Samba in this
way are covered in the many HowTo documents.  There are a number of things
that usually go "wrong", but are easily fixed.

>my first smb.conf works good but i cant make my profile and scripts
>work. i can see my shares.

Don't let the grammar police get you ;)

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