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peter osmond posmond at
Fri May 23 07:53:50 CST 2003

     Just a follow up on the mplayer install . what i ended up doing is installing the older rpms , copy the font file from the old install file and save it then uninstall the older rpms . Then install the new rpms copy the font file to the mplayer folder and it worked . I am going also to install ogle and try this player. I have problem with zine where i do not have any video showing has either a white window or black window or invisible window this is on mandrake 9.0 i can on the same box in redhat set it up ok I wonder if it is something to do with the video driver for nvidia cards as i have much the same problem with my tv card in xp unless i select overlay mode I have a gf4mx440 card. 

with redhat 9.0 is there a better rpm front end than what is supplied similar to kpackage or is there a version of kpackage that is useable in redhat 9.0

Peter Osmond
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