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> > > NO!
> >
> > hmm, that was a *little* vehement methinks...want to expand on that?

For those who have stepped in to defend me, I shall simply add this
little answer to another reason why Andrew should buy me a carton of
beer ;-P

> So David, valid test - yes.

It is still a valid test. If you can prove that Mozilla doesn't display
the behaviour but Internet Explorer does then you can actually narrow
down where the bug is occuring.

Sometimes we need to ask ourselves:

 * is our scripting language (php, perl) stuffing us up?
 * is the browser (i.e. or mozilla or opera) doing it?

...and even if NOONE uses Mozilla, knowing that Mozilla works may help
you get an idea of why I.E. doesn't.

At this year's EducationaLinux conference, people clearly believed that
the best way to teach was to show two different but similar examples of
a concept. E.G. to show Open Office AND Microsoft Office and not just
one of the products.

(did I mention that there will be a similar conference next year?)

> Cheers to all who have helped :)

I shall dissolve you in flames if you don't watch it...


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