cdrecord - burns at 16X at the most

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Thu May 22 14:53:30 CST 2003

From: "David Lloyd" <dlloyd at>
> > Those fast drives tend to be a max speed, so I think the speed at the
> > start of the disk is only ever around 16X but you should see increased
> > speeds on tracks further out on the disc. Is it definately the whole
> > burn at the same speed?
> Oh. I didn't know would one tell?

Calculate the time required to burn 700Mb of data.  At 16x burning it should
be 5 minutes plus lead in/out tracks.  If you're getting anything under that
then ignore whatever the software says the burn speed is.  All burners after
than about 16x/20x use CAV (Constant Angular Velocity) instead of the
traditional CLV (Constant Linear Velocity).  CAV spins the disc at a
constant rate (like a hard drive) but since data is stored linearly on a CD
there's more data on the outer section of the spiral than inner, hence data
burn rate increases towards the edge of the disc even though it's always
spinning at the same RPM.

Another possibility is that Burn Proof, Safe Burn, or whatever else your
drive's buffer underrun protection is called is being invoked too early.
Try turning it off.

See ya

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