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From: "Kirsty Rae" <junkie at>
> I remember a time when Dells were pretty reliable for Linux, but I don't
> believe that is the case now based on several different models of laptops
> and workstations that I've tried.
> Be very careful with Dell (as with any other manufacturer).
> I don't have any specific advice as to what to get though...

Just as a general note on laptops (and not specifically in reply to this
email), there are some daft cost cutting measures to be found in some

For example, Harvey Norman sell an Acer laptop with a huge 17" LCD for only
$2999.  The catch?  Desktop CPU and *no battery*.  Ugh.

Quite a number of sub $3k laptops have desktop CPUs foisted upon them,
lowering the price but also chewing battery and risking frequent
overheating.  The original poster has a budget of $4k so desktop CPUs and
other dodgy tricks won't be an issue, but I thought I'd mention it anyway.
Some advertised specials look really really good at first.

I agree with a previous posting that demoing the laptop is crucial before
purchase to ensure no dead (lit or unlit) pixels.  Mine was a display model
so I was free to poke and prod it as I pleased to ensure it was fine (same
with my 17" monitor LCD purchased last year, both displays are 100% defect

Browsing through stores you will see quite a number of laptops with a few
dead pixels.  Interestingly, green subpixels seem to be the most common in
my experience.  Maybe it's just because they are the easiest to see?  I have
never seen a completely on or completely off pixel.

See ya

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