ACPI and Linux [Was Re: Laptop]

Dale Long dalel at
Thu May 22 11:22:44 CST 2003

Glen Turner wrote:

> Getting the Dell laptops to work with Linux has been a trial.
> For example, none of the mini-PCI 802.11 options offered with
> my laptop have Linux support.  I'm not sure there is a
> good vendor in this respect, as I noticed that the IBM laptops
> have the same problem.  This is a strong argument for going
> with a local vendor (which might offer a customisation which
> has better Linux support).

The main problem I have had is with ACPI support on ACPI-only (ie: no 
APM) Laptops.
This is also partly related to possibly buggy ACPI tables on the laptops 
in question. For example, I can read all ACPI events, except for battery 
level. This requires a patched DSDT table for a given laptop to solve. 
Some later releases of the Linux Kernel such as 2.4.21 hang on kernel 
boot when ACPI is enabled. Hence this is why Red Hat dropped the ACPI 
support they were going to put into 9, and Mandrake has the acpi=no 
option as default with 9.1.


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