peter osmond posmond at
Wed May 21 08:20:00 CST 2003

    Hi , 

I have mandrake 9.0 installed and I have just attempted to install the mplayer from the rpm files that are available on planetmirror ftp site under the mandrake 9.0 contrib folder .After the install I tried it and i get a message that "New_Face failed maybe the font path is wrong please supply the text font file (~/mplayer/subfont.ttf)"
 I looked into the mplayer folder and the font folder and this file does not exist and when i looked in the file listing of the rpms in kpackage there doesnt have a listing for that file . I looked also at an older rpm package for redhat 8.0 and that has the file listed in the mplayer-common rpm. There is not a rpm for the mplayer-common in the contrib folder on planet mirror. Can anybody shed any light on this or suggest another source of rpms that will work on either redhat 9.0 or mandrake 9.0

Also i have Xine Installed and is there any trick to get encrypted dvds to work on this i have the libdvdcss2 library installed. 

Peter Osmond

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