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Peter Freeman wrote:
The linux version of Arcserve, which we have been using for a while, 
has a feature rich (yay buzzwords) web gui, effectively a java
of their Windoze interface.

Unfortunately it has a price tag of 2k+, however it does have the
to create different user profiles for job management and so forth.  We
have v6.61, and have a copy of v9 coming shortly so it may have changed
since, but the ability to allow functions for a group of users could be
spending the $$$ for, depending on the site of course (tho if the client
a tape robot for the backup system then it may be feasible to them with
vs features)

PS hope you have more reliability from the DLT tapes than we've had from
our lowly DAT tapes, had a horror week for data restoration :P

Yep, ArcServe would be good, but is too expensive. We only have the
robot because it was exceptionally cheap (3 DLT4000 drives, a 52 tape
robot, and 50 DLT-IV tapes for significantly less than the cost of 50
tapes themselves. I need something free, really.

Lari wrote: (don't use HTML, it sucks to reply to)
I respect your point of vew, I'm new here in Ade and in Linux too. It is
just a question. 
Why don't you make a separation between two aspects, backup on tape and
access of users to a "backup" which is located somewhere on a disk?
Backup means just backup, does not matter what type is it. Direct acces
of users to a backup seems to be a little strange for me. Make a
"backup" stategy for them using scripting, put this pseudo-backup on hdd
and you and can save a lot of $$$.

We don't have the spare disk capacity, and can't afford to purchase it
at present (and I would have a hard time justifying it to management
when we've just bought a 52 tape robot, which you'd expect could do all
that for us)  ... :)


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