[OT] Nokia 6610 Problems

Richard Russell richard at yellowgoanna.com
Sat May 17 23:23:56 CST 2003

Hi all,

I thought I'd ask here if anyone knew what to do with a Nokia 6610 (on
Optus) that works ok most of the time, but occasionally (a few times a
day) will give one of the following errors:

* SIM Card Rejected
* Insert SIM Card
* Phone Restricted -- enter restriction code

In the first two cases, I need to power cycle the phone. In the second
case, I usually have to remove the battery. In all cases, I can neither
make nor receive calls. I have tried all the obvious solutions -- went
to Nokia Care, they updated the software, took it back, they blamed the
SIM, went to Optus World, got a new SIM, still same problem. I plan to
return to Nokia Care (though I have good reason to think they are more
than useless -- they didn't actually know what "phone restricted" meant)
soon, but in the meantime, I Googled about a bit, and found a bunch of
companies offering "phone unlocking" services, where you pays your 15
pounds, and you gives them your phone serial number, your network, your
phone model and your credit card number, and they give you the unlocking
code. I assume they probably steal your money or something else too.
Anyway, it would appear from these sites that the phone restricted thing
is to do with Optus restricting my phone to their own network (I think).
As for why that should be coming up onscreen now, I don't know. Anyone
got any ideas?

In the meantime, because I am bitter about this experience, I shall
publicly catalogue what sucks about this phone... beginning with actual
errors I have encountered:

* Alarm fails to go off occasionally, and then can't be reset until the
phone is rebooted (the "alarm on" icon is displayed, and the alarm can't
be turned off, but can't be turned on either).
* Phone displays "Insert SIM card" when the SIM card is in the phone and
has been working.
* Phone displays "SIM card rejected" when the SIM card has already been
working in the phone.
* Phone displays "Restricted Mode -- enter Code", and the battery has to
removed and replaced to return to normal operation.

These are obvious errors. The design problems are in some ways more 

* Colour display looks pretty, but is illegible in bright light.
* Buttons are hard to press, not just because they are small, but
because they seem to require a long, hard press.
* Interface is complicated, and has one too many layers. Everything
takes a few more clicks than it used to on ye olde fones (6210, 5110).
* Interface is slow. Every click takes just a few fractions of a second
longer to respond than ye olde fones. This doesn't waste much time, but
is infuriating.
* Phone cover is flimsy and offers very poor sealing from anything.
* Reception seems poor
* Speaker volume seems poor

As the 7210 and 7250 are basically the same phone with "phunkier" cases,
I would expect they would suffer from the same problems.

All I really want is a simple phone with a clear display (B&W,
preferably), a responsive, simple and intuitive UI, a 
handsfree speakerphone feature, and predictive text SMS. I'd _like_ to
have a decent calendar with alarms, and ideally, GPRS with sockets so I
can use ssh over my phone (this feature is available on one or two
phones, but isn't common, and would only come on top-of-the-line colour
screen phones anyway).

The bonus that I got with my trip to Nokia Care was the entertainment of
five stupid people with phone problems getting worked up at three stupid
trained monkeys behind the desk. It went on for an hour or so, and was
really irritating. It appears that Nokia Care is not owned by Nokia
anyway, and not only that, but they seem to have three responses to any
problem: update the software, invariably losing all your settings and
numbers (lucky I had a backup), "It's a Network problem", and "We
couldn't reproduce the fault". OK, maybe they have "Here's a second-hand
'reconditioned' phone that probably has a different set of problems" as
well, but they are pretty much useless. Nothing against the people in
there, it's a symptom of a faceless corporation that brands everything
but doesn't stand behind anything.


Richard Russell
Yellow Goanna P/L
m: +61 412 827 805
e: richard at yellowgoanna.com
w: http://www.yellowgoanna.com

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