New H ard Drive-Update

Brian Marr cabernet at
Sat May 17 18:28:50 CST 2003

The PC is now bootable with its new drive- so some progress. One of my 
problems was having the CDrom as 1st Boot disk and hd1 as the second. After 
failing to boot on the cdrom grub was looking to boot hd1 however hd0 was the 
bootable hard drive. Once this was changed things started looking up : ) In 
addition getting the jumpers correct helped. 
Is it ok to have the CDrom as Secondary Master and hdd1 (40GB Seagate) as 
Secondary Slave ?
The reason I ask is because I cannot mount hdd1 yet. I am getting error 
messages about an ide-disk driver not present and Reiserfsck failing when the 
system boots. Yet when booting into rescue and running reiserfsck it on this 
drive it completes without any problems.
Brian Marr

On Saturday 17 May 2003 17:06, Brian Marr wrote:
> Suse 8.2 box
> I am having trouble getting a new HD installed. I have tried a lot of
> different configurations of Prim Master/Slave and Secondary Master/Slave.
> The disk shows in bios and it shows on the boot screen. But the system
> hangs after this. It will not boot. As soon as I take it out the boot
> process works ok. Grub then does its job. When the new drive is back in the
> PC grub will not work.
> The boot drive is hda1 (existing). I am wishing to add a new 40GM Seagate.
> I have played around with the jumper settings on the back to no avail.
> Brian Marr.

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